Strategic Construction Solutions has designed and built complex large-scale electrical infrastructure projects for over a decade, ranging in size from 69kV -500kV. We provide a complete, turnkey service offering, including engineering, procurement, construction, and testing and commissioning, to build any medium and high voltage electrical project.

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Strategic Construction Solutions
Design Build

We provide accessible solutions to clients with complex energy challenges on individual, regional and national levels.

Strategic Construction Solutions teams with owners, contractors and industry partners utilizing a design build delivery method which can reduce the completion schedule of your infrastructure project by overlapping the design and construction phases while also minimizing risk for the facility owner. From planning, design, permitting, engineering, construction, and commissioning, our design/build teams bring value to our clients through peer collaboration and continuous project engagement.

Strategic Construction Solutions

The Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) delivdery method protects budgets, timelines and quality on large-scale, complex projects with aggressive milestones. The paradigm ensures that the design, procurement and construction professionals work in close teamwork, increasing communication and reducing the chance for expensive change orders.

Our in-house professionals, and project partners, work closely to identify and resolve critical issues early to produce quality, functional designs, protect equipment orders and keep construction on schedule. This comprehensive approach reorders the traditional task order to ensure that long-lead materials and foundational activities are organized to achieve the desired project results.

Strategic Construction Solutions
Construction / General Contractor

During construction, our project managers and site inspectors complete multiple safety and quality assurance checks to help the construction flow smoothly and to make sure the completed project will perform as designed throughout its expected useful life.

Once construction is complete, each piece of equipment is field tested and checked to make sure all connections are properly installed and the equipment is safely and properly functioning.

The collaboration of engineering, construction and material suppliers provides our customers with the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective substations.

Strategic Construction Solutions

It is critical to the success of each project to facilitate collaboration from vendors, to the field, to the management staff, to the client. SCS managers use Procore to provide collaboration of drawing and specification revisions, RFI’s, Transmittals, Schedule, Budget, QA/ QC, and Safety with immediate real time information.

All project stakeholders, including subcontractors, receive updated project information the moment that any item is revised. Open and transparent management of projects allows the project team the ability to react quickly to project issues that could affect Safety, Quality, Schedule, or Budget.

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